Weekly Work Outs:
4:30 PM - 7:00 PM, Monday - Friday

Serving Mesa's Youth Since 1954
59 East Broadway Road
Mesa, Arizona 85210
(480) 834-1216


Application Instruction
To complete the USA boxing, Inc. application form you will need:
  1. Two passport size photographs.
  2. A copy of your birth certificate.
  3. Cash or money order in the amound of $75.00.
Complete the USA Boxing application at the Gene Lewis Boxing Club, located at 59 E. Broadway, along with the three (3) required items above. After a short period you will receive you pass book and you will be registered to train at the gym.

If you have any questions call (480) 834-1216. Gym hours are 4:30PM - 7:00PM Monday - Friday.

Instrucciones para participar en el programa de boxeo:
Llene la solicitud de USA Boxing Inc. con la información requerida, cuál incluye:
  1. Dos fotografías del tamaño del pasaporte.
  2. Copia de Acta de Nacimiento del participante.
  3. La tasa de registro de $75.00 en forma de giro.


"If you miss one day, you know it.
If you miss two days, your opponent knows it.
If you miss three days, everyone knows it."

A Day In Amateur Boxing
  • Exercise - 10 Minutes
  • Shadow Boxing - 6 Rounds
  • Heavy Bag - 5 Rounds
  • Speed Bag - 3 Rounds
  • Rope Skipping - 15 Minutes
  • Sparring - 4 Rounds
  • Each boxer is expected, on his own, to run five miles per day.